Fractal Flows is a decentralized collective intelligence that emerges a consensus about science and engineering claims!

Hosting claims

Individuals, researchers, startups, corporations and governments make claims pertaining to science and engineering matters. Let us challenge those claims and expose the evidence behind them; Host a science/engineering claim, share the claim page via a multitude of social platforms, and start collecting knowledge bits supporting or refuting the claim. In so doing we emerge the hidden evidence behind the claims as a service to society, stakeholders, investors, etc...

Knowledge bits

Science and engineering claims can be supported by explanations, arguments, and opinions, but more importantly they need to be supported by hard evidence and knowledge bits. Knowledge bits are files, containing simulation results, experimental results, detailed analysis, datasets, mathematical formulations, scripts, source code, reviews, reproduction of results, assumptions, hypothesis, methodologies, videos, etc. Knowledge bits are the hidden backbone, the atomic particles composing a scientific/engineering work, while the associated publication is merely its projection on a piece of (digital) paper.

Twitter integration

If you encounter a tweet making a science/engineering claim, then use #FFclaimit on Twitter to automatically host the claim on Fractal Flows. The Fractal Flows bot will then tweet back with a link to the hosted claim page for everyone to see and engage.

Consider.it integration

Visually summarizing what the society/community thinks of a science/engineering claim and why. Consider.it creates civil, organized, and efficient online dialog. Learn more.